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All important News and Announcements can be found here.
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Discussion of all things general. Post stuff that fits in no other section
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By Stormpaw O Thu at 21:43
Got video? Got screenshots? Put 'em here.
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By Dicerson O>_ Mar 7, 18
TS down? Missing a rank? Screwed up tags? Application not approved? Post here!
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By Jade Merrydown M Apr 5, 18
Let us know when you're going on vacation or if school/work is getting stressful! We can watch Titanic and eat ice cream out of the box.
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By cfschris O May 17, 18
Have a good suggestions for improvements within any area of the community (forums/TS/etc)? Post a thread here!
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By Dicerson O>_ Sep 1, 17
An area for any worries you may wish to bring to the public, please do so with suggestion on, and a mind to help, fix whatever issues you have.
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By IIGazII M Dec 9, 16
Planetside 2
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The Space Library of Congress, or where we keep all documents critical to outfit operation.
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By readybagel M Dec 9, 16
For all things Planetside.
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By WalMartGreeter O 13 hours ago
Direct from the frontlines!
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By Doomblade3890 M May 14, 18
SL/PL educational resources, cert guides, videos, and more! Become an educated Planetmans today!
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By WalMartGreeter O 13 hours ago
Elder Scrolls Online
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Your primary hub for all posts ESO related.
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By LeHiggles O Thu at 16:56
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The world could always use more Heros
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By Jade Merrydown M Jan 27, 18
Looking to form a comp team? for tips & tricks or just to vent? this is the place.
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Everything about the Battleground of the Gods.
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By luxato M Feb 13, 18
League of Legends
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The home for all things LoL-worthy
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By Panzerhawx OSupporting! Aug 3, 17
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By buddyj5 M Mar 12, 18
Miscellaneous Games
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Logs from the group's donations account will be posted here every month.
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By Stormpaw O May 18, 18
Recordings and itinerary for past VCO Community Meetings.
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By Hatsunemiki O May 7, 17
Developers Corner
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Where the cool shite gets done.
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By Celudoc M Sep 12, 16
Website Design
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By Dicerson O>_ May 9, 17
Policies & Procedures *WIP*
Archives (Admin Only)
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Storage for all non-important threads with +2 weeks of inactivity.
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By Stormpaw O Jun 14, 16
Members: 3,373 Threads: 4,459 Posts: 37,102 Views: 7,624,343
Welcome to our latest member bryce_g1 M registered Sat at 19:34
Online users: BILLLLLLLLL O
Voodoo Shipping Co.
icon Voodoo Shipping Co.
branch icon Landing Pad (Look all the way down!) icon
branch branch icon Discord: https://discord.gg/DF6qV2A
branch icon Freedom Lounge
branch icon Meeting Room - Post Meeting CAH
branch icon Planetside 2
branch branch icon The Wardroom
branch branch icon Casual (Off Hours)
branch branch icon Ops - Tuesdays/Fridays/Sundays @ 8PM ET
branch branch branch icon Command
branch branch branch icon Alpha Squad
branch branch branch icon Bravo Squad
branch branch branch icon Charlie Squad
branch branch branch icon Delta Squad
branch branch icon Ron Paul Rangers Academy
branch branch icon Farm Therapy (T.I.E. SAFESPACE)
branch icon Smite
branch branch icon Normal Games
branch icon League of Legends
branch branch icon Casual Matches
branch branch icon Team 1
branch branch icon Team 2
branch icon Overwatch
branch branch icon Casual Games
branch branch icon Ranked Games
branch icon Starcraft 2
branch branch icon Multiplayer Matches
branch branch icon Arcade Matches
branch icon ARMA 3
branch branch icon Taskforce Radio
branch branch icon Free Play
branch branch icon Dev Channel
branch icon Star Citizen
branch branch icon Free Play
branch icon GTA V-for-Voodoo
branch branch icon Cryme Tyme
branch icon Battlefield 1
branch branch icon General Play
branch branch icon Squad 2
branch icon Other Games (Temp subchannels allowed!)
branch branch icon BILL and Friends Excellent Adventures
branch branch icon Space Engineers
branch branch branch icon The Imperium
branch branch icon Foxhole
branch branch branch icon Logistics Personnel
branch branch branch icon Combat Group
branch branch branch icon Fire Support
branch branch icon World of Warcraft
branch branch icon Halo Online
branch branch icon Dank Souls III
branch branch icon Destiny 2
branch branch icon The Elder Scrolls Online
branch branch icon 7 Days to Dial
branch branch icon Railguns & Ramparts
branch branch icon Rolana's Coffee House
branch branch icon Albie's Ale House
branch branch icon CS:GO
branch icon Salt Mine
branch icon Secret Squirrel Room
branch icon Dev Corner
branch icon AFK icon
branch branch icon WalMartGreeter
branch branch icon Kamikazi
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