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LeeHarvy's Encyclopedia of Modern Aiming

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Yo, I am LeeHarvy.

If you had been playing for a long time you remember me back when I played on the NC.

One day I decided to leave the NC and go back to the faction I loved playing, the VS. Upon doing so I was given invitation to join 2 different groups, AC or DA based on my stats and abilities.

One of the members of AC promised knowledge and power in exchange for my membership, so it was settled and I joined them.

Today I want to share ~some~ of that wisdom. AC likes to keep its secrets but I can show you the most basic stuff that makes sub-average players into powerhouses.

The very first step of this process is trying to make sure your mouse settings are configured for 1:1 mouse movement.
1:1 movement means the ability to get as close as possible to mimicking the movement of your mouse.

There are many things that could prevent the mouse from obtaining the accuracy and from these great guides I found digging around can help answer how to fix this problem:



We’ll explore the problems from simplest to fix to more complex!

Pixel Skipping

Pixel skipping means that sometimes when you move a mouse slow or fast, the cursor (the mouse thing you use to click stuff) does more than one pixel in a single movement. In a game this is when you try to aim at distant snipers head in the distance and you just need 1 more pixel to the left to align your shot… and you skip over his 2~3 pixel wide ugly mug to the empty space to his left. This makes the shot impossible to align because of Pixel Skipping.
Most of those that have this problem have their windows mouse pointer speed above 6. You can fix this by right clicking on your desktop, select “Personalize”, then on the left side select “change mouse pointers”, and then select the tab “Pointer Options”. The Pointer Speed slider should be on the 6th from the left. What this tells Windows to do is to apply no multiplication of the mouse’s DPI.

For some reason when I install a new mouse into my computer, this pointer speed defaults to 7th from the left, which multiplies the DPI by 1.5, and begins the process of pixel skipping. My aim suffered a lot when I had it set to 7 by accident when I installed my Razer Mamba, and Microsoft Bluetooth, as no matter what I did the pixel skipping would make hitting a strafing target a nightmare let alone a snipers head. This was remedied using this fix.

For those who want to experiment with the windows pointer speeds, these are the numbers that are used to multiply with your mouse’s DPI, Anything beyond 6/11 will introduce pixel skipping.
Spoiler: Windows settingsShow

ANSWER: Unless you are using the “tape fix” or some other Mouse settings, always leave Windows Pointer speed at 6th from the left.


Jitter is when the mouse moves slightly in directions away from where you are moving the mouse. This gives it a shaky feeling despite smooth motion on your part. This is a problem with DPI (DPI stands for dots per inch and in this case, it just means pixels per inch) being too high or the mouse is set to a DPI in which is not “native” to the mouse (More on this later). The best way is to find online the mouse’s sensor’s Native DPI and adjust the DPI to that. Some mice actually have multiple settings in which is “Native” (Logitech is famous for this) to the mouse and some have only 1 or 2 (In the case of the Avago 9500 or 9800 series).

Also it is a myth that High DPI gives more accuracy or mice with sensors that allow for Higher DPI are more accurate. All high DPI does is just increase the amount of pixels per inch of movement. Thats it.

ANSWER: Lower DPI or set it to the sensor’s “Native DPI”


As the mouse guide states, it is also known as “angle snapping” or “mouse correction”, and what it does is remove small or deviant movements from the tracking so it can create more straight movements.
Good demonstration of this is found in this other mouse guide:

Specifically this picture here: http://i.imgur.com/ZalzlmG.jpg (Red is with it off, blue with Angle Snapping on)

What this does in a FPS game is make it slightly harder to make fine-tuned adjustment while aiming down a strafing target. I am unsure on how much though and could depend on your mouse’s software, firmware, or even built into sensor.

ANSWER: if it’s Software, turn off Angle Snapping/prediction/mouse correction unless you are OCD about straight lines.

Lift off distance

Some mice have problems with high lift off distance, meaning it will continue tracking even after picking up the mouse to re-center it. One of the cures to this ailment is using what is known as the “Tape Fix”, which should be looked up if you want more information.

ANSWER: Google tape fix or look into the geekhack guide.


As you lower your sensitivity, you might notice something off. When people play at high sensitivity they will not notice this as much. Some mice have acceleration, meaning that the dpi changes depending on how quick one flicks the mouse, how slow they move the mouse, and whether they pass certain “thresholds” before varying levels of accelerations kick in.

There are various types of acceleration and here are some examples:

-No acceleration: I either flick or slowly move the mouse, I will always turn 90 degrees
-Reverse acceleration: I flick a mouse fast and it will turn me 70 degrees
-Positive Acceleration: I flick a mouse fast it will turn me 110 degrees’
-Windows built-in Threshold Acceleration: I flick my mouse, and depending if I hit threshold I will… not sure what I’ll get.

The last one can be remedied with a mouse fix from this site and following the instructions: http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/03/markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html

Also some of this acceleration will be built into the sensor itself, so if you are looking for 1:1 movement, check out the Geekhack guide about mice that have no acceleration nor prediction and see what kind of mice you would like that fits you:


Despite it being listed there, feel free to research of your own into the mice and see what fits you! (y)

Despite the problems with Laser Mice, it is not a game breaker as long as you know its strengths and weaknesses. The popular laser mouse sensors such as Avago 9500 and Avago 9800 have acceleration issues. My mouse, the Func MS-3, Razer Imperator, and Razer Mamba uses lasers, and because I play at low sensitivity they created many problems when tracking strafing quick targets (such as ESFs and LA) as I needed more movement to achieve the speed and acceleration to track a target than if I had a mouse that had no negative acceleration.

My own experiences as well as other’s experiences with laser mice for competitive level play have been negative, and everyone in AC that made the switch over from laser to Optical on the advice of AC’s Guru have been positive and has increased our In-game accuracy.

If you do have the chance to get an optical mouse I recommend getting the optical over the laser for the sheer fact that a lot of lasers as of late have problems that opticals do not have. Opticals have their own set of problems and you should check the guide and reviews to see what quirks they have. If you are an impulse shopper, always check to see if it’s laser or optical and get the optical and a cloth-like mouse pad. Opticals are known to track better on cloth or fiberous pads over hard pads.

The only known Optical mouse that does not have this weakness is the G502, which allows you to calibrate the sensor to use a variety of surfaces and allows for the Native DPI be in steps of 50, so you can adjust to almost any DPI without interpolation kicking in (interpolation is what causes jitters). It is what I use, and as one member in AC described it as “LOOKS LIKE A MUTHAFUKKIN SPACESHIP”. Also despite my big hands and it’s angular shape, it’s rather comfy.

ANSWER: Use Mouse fix, Read Geekhack’s guide and “The Truthful Mouse Guide” Link on acceleration and mice choice. If an impulse shopper, get an optical and make sure to have a cloth-like mousepad.

If there is any more problems or fixes I’ll edit it in later.

Now that is done, now for the meat and potatoes of the guide.

How to Aim

It begins with Trust

Then it begins with lowering your sensitivity.

It may seem counter-intuitive at first because:

-It sounds nonsensical
-When you do it you lose KDR, Accuracy, and reliability
-makes you rebel against your own muscle memory and comfort
-Makes you pick up the mouse to recenter it.

Lowering your Sensitivity does all these things. It will take a long time to get used to building new muscle memory, feel certain muscles burning, recreate new techniques, build muscle where there was none before, learning to pick up the mouse, and a host of other complications.

This is like exercise; you are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to achieve something that someone said you could do. Someone didn’t get jacked by looking at sport magazines all day, he took the advice in it and acted it out without half-assing it.

Someone has to start from somewhere, so might as well start here. The very first step is to trust me here, you will get better. If you put your hands by your side and fall backwards, I will be here to catch you. Anyone can achieve 28%+ accuracy, there is no such things as statistical outliers (well maybe except those that use things like trackballs), everyone who is “good” (that is, can aim and kill. Not just farming with OHK weapons) at the game has quite a bit lower sensitivity than what is standard.

My Journey began with 1600 dpi with a Razer Mamba and Func MS-3, with Mouse sensitivity at .55 and aim at .55. I thought if I could raise my mouse sensitivity higher I could be as good as the others, but alas this was false. With sensitivity that high, I couldn’t make small horizontal changes quickly such as when someone does the ADAD Strafe. I couldn’t correct my recoil with precision enough to properly burst 5~6 bullets at targets in the distance for only 1 or 2 would ever hit.

One day I fought AC for the first time at Rime Analytics, and because the server was shit that night, I had an advantage over them. I was wondering who these people were, and how they were butchering a platoon with so few numbers, so I looked them up and found this:


Such controlled movements are not possible with high sensitivity, acceleration, prediction nor a small mouse pad.
This was the work of Low sensitivity, a big pad and 1:1 mouse movement.

Most if not all members of AC have the ability to shoot for the head with accuracy, there are a few people in AC that have 17 frames per second in large fights that still can accurately aim and kill with 28%+ accuracy.

Upon learning about visi, I learned that I needed to scale down my sensitivity. I lowered my DPI to 1000, and the ingame aim and mouse sens to .45 from .55.

My arms fucking ached, my shots were abysmal at first, but once I started aiming and getting used to it, I became the #1 Heavy in Wolfpack. I started sparring against AC wherever I could find them and lost to them many times, but I took it as a sign that I needed more training and accuracy to defeat them.

After I was comfortable at .45 with 28% accuracy and HSR, I needed to dive deeper again. I lowered the mouse sensitivity from .45 to .25 and bared all the problems of muscle ache and sluggish movement. One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was “How can they do this? This is insane, I feel so sluggish”, I was vindicated when the “burn” period was over, I was able to start breaking the 30% accuracy, 30% HSR barrier that was not in my reach before, and accurately track strafing targets and LAs to quite some degree.

It was my acceptance into AC that I realized I was still playing the game at quite a high sensitivity. This was also when I got my G502 Proteus Core mouse, and with it I lowered my DPI to 800, and put ingame sens to .12 and put my aim to .14. That was quite the burn period for me… yikes.

I now break the 33% accuracy barrier, broke the 40% HSR barrier, accurately track LAs jumping over me let alone circle strafe me, and shoot distant ESFs with a smg… and hit them. I can do extremely quick 180 degree turns and murder people behind me if I so desire. The only thing I cannot do any more is do 7 continuous 360 degree turns, which is a skill valued in TF2 than in military styled shooters like BF4 or PS2. My transformation is nearly complete, but I am at a level that is competitive against most if not all players in PS2, I still win some, still lose some, but in a 1v1 where me and the enemy turn the corner, I am the man getting out alive more often than not.

If you want comparisons, Compare LeeHarvy with Harvilee:


Other things that helped me a lot was:

-Un-parking the cores ( http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility )

-Using the nvidia control panel to set maximum pre-rendered frames to 1 for Planetside 2 (http://i.imgur.com/C0JWIh4.png)

-Getting a 144hz monitor for smoother movement (http://i.imgur.com/IWEdqWl.png , http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B2HH7G0/ref=as_li_tf_tl)

-Using my own settings for graphics:
Spoiler: LeeHarvy's Useroptions.iniShow

despite popular belief, if putting down rendering settings helps Frames and you don't mind it, do it! Every little bit of FPS helps!

-Putting a small dot in the middle of my screen made of a nanogram of toilet paper rolled into a ball and then scotch taped to my monitor because all the sights in the game are misaligned, (the Vandal is the most misaligned gun in the game) ( http://imgur.com/a/8YmeH , http://imgur.com/a/X7Ndx, http://imgur.com/a/P4fkR ). No matter what scope sway you see, or where the red dot is, that small little dot in the middle of the screen is where the bullets come out no matter what and it’s imperative that all people use this regardless of preference or think they know the “center of the screen”. At least put a dot with dry erase or anything until they come out with the scope/reflex fix one patch: http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/2dppiq/planetside_2_scopes_more_needed/cjs4ss3

EDIT: Putting your FOV from 74 to 65 is a good start to get HSR up, by making the game zoom a little closer, which in turn makes enemy heads a few pixels wider to shoot. This is why some AC streams have their vision narrower and closer.

EDIT: Benwah found a way to use Playclaw, a recoding program, to make a overlay to put a dot in the middle of your screen. This could help if you dislike marking up your monitor screen with tape or dry erase marker:



-I would try to OC my CPU but I heard reports that my motherboard would toast my CPU if I did :( . People in AC have overclocked theirs with the latest i7 and report that they can easily get 60~80 fps in zergs.

Last but not least, the best way to aim and aim well is to have a good attitude. If you die, and someone makes a nasty comment, shrug and move on. If someone out plays you, compliment them. There are people on the other side and you should treat them like such, and maybe you can even make friends and contacts for future connections in the game. When I encountered AC, I was neither angry nor frustrated with them, and found that they were quite nice if fiercely competitive. I learned a lot from them, and I taught them a few things myself. We all benefited from being civil and kind to each other. In fact the best way to troll a troll is to be kind to them, it makes them feel like a complete asshole.

Anger leads to shitty accuracy, peaceful state of mind leads to murdering an entire AoD platoon.

Basically shoot people like how Bob Ross paints: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLO7tCdBVrA

How to Practice

One can use the VR room to practice their Mouse sens/mouse fix/new mouse adjustments. Get out your favorite gun and try to headshot every thing from front to back, and Back to Front again. Try quickly acquire targets accurately and efficiently, you should be able to kill everything in front of you quickly enough that the EXP pop ups cannot keep up. If you are quick enough you can do it quick enough that it keeps going for the next 10~15 seconds.

After you get the hang of the recoil, start strafing and use the dot you put on the screen instead of the red dot to shoot targets in the head. Get a feel for how long you need to squeeze the trigger, and how many bullets you need to kill targets at varying distances while strafing from front to back. Master this until you can get consistent headshots or at least quick efficient kills with this.

Then kill AoD many times.

EDIT: The most efficient way to kill someone is to burst the exact amount of bullets needed for a headshot kill or to maintain accuracy at distance. If the internet is a bit dodgy or the enemy is a bit glitchy, increase the burst by 1 or 2 bullets to ensure certain death. This conserves ammo and allows for less frequent reloads.

Who to watch?

You can watch AC, or DA on twitch, there is also the FCRW who are pretty good. If you like to see how an average player should play you can always check and see itzMurda’s section on youtube or Planetside 2’s Twitch (He’s AC and FCRW, he’s double dippin!). Some people like Vonic are bad influences on how to aim but he’s a fantastic flanker.

I learn better by not doing what people do wrong, who would be such a person?

Rak is perfect. He is the Anti-player. He walks in a straight line to any destination despite the dangers along the way (I killed him 10 times because he did the same thing over and over again), he talks shit about everyone, has a negative attitude towards everyone, heavily dependent on others to kill a target, has no recoil control for even the simplest recoil-less of guns, does bursts of 20+ bullets until enemy kills him. Also he never improves. He is the shining (Maybe Darkest?) example of what not to be.

Never do anything Rak does and you can be a great player.

Remember that all these lessons you learn here, can be used in most games! From L4D2 to Payday 2 to Battlefield!

I am open for any questions on anything at all! Ask away!

EDIT: I will be editing the guide frequently, and put a "EDIT" beside the new info to represent new or additional information I may have forgotten or just learned.

EDIT: September 19-20, 2014: Unparking cores helps with frames per second. I never seen anyone have any heat problems or issues with it. http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility

Be sure to check the guide frequently!
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I used to be part of TENC (Templars of the New Conglomerate), CML (Clan Magnus Legio), WLPK (Wolfpack), and V (Vindicators). I Briefly worked with DA (Das Anfall), and I am currently part of AC (AC).

If any of you have any questions on their tactics or strategy, just ask me in this thread. However, I will not divulge AC's tactics or strategy outside of how to shoot, when to shoot, and how to engage.

12-25 = food

A lot of "elite" outfits usually engage fights in which is a better fit for their numbers. AC, DA, and SVO have only so many people in their squads. Many times their numbers barely fill a squad, and the best of days they can on average field 1 squad and a half.

To make the best of their numbers, "elite" outfits tend to bring themselves to fights in which have similar numbers. For those unprepared, their skill can quickly overwhelm and push you out of a base when on defense, and will kick out out of the point when on offense. Unless you are going to bring 2 squads to a empty base, you are most likely going to get kicked into a curb and keep being kicked until you stop spawning at the last sunderer.

AC doesn't blow up the last sunderer, and instead eat every small morsel that spawns from it. If the sunderer starts shooting, is when AC calls it quits and blows up the sunderer.

Embedment or Embedded Outfits

Because Elite squads numbers are small, sometimes it doesn't go past the 50% mark which stops their factional reinforcements. So what happens is DA or AC will arrive, and some leaders of larger squads would pop in before the 50% mark. So what you get is amorphous mass of pubbies that surround the elite squads.

I like calling this Embedment.

A great example of Embedment is TIW, or The Iron Wolves, who usually lend their expertise if only there is a concentration of pubbies to mask their movements or to act as fodder to lure the enemy into a false sense of security.

SVO is another example, who uses pubbies offensively, sometimes by parking a sunderer to where they want to fight so pubbies can spawn in to back up their operations.

When a elite outfit is embedded, they are at their best. They can use the pubbies to cover them, or to act as bait.

SVO tried to overwhelm a squad tonight by luring pubbies to the point by bringing the sunderer almost point blank, and using motion sensors to give confidence to the pubbies to push forward.

While pubbies tried to rush in through the bottom of a L shaped building like blind mice, SVO tried to use the confusion to their advantage by using infiltrators, light assaults, and heavies to do hit and run tactics through the roof and balcony, while also using the pubbies as distractions and targets to achieve their ends. They would do this until they whittled the squad enough for them to do a coup de grace.

So when you look for a fight you want to win, make sure you know your numbers, how skilled your squad is and your ally's numbers before committing to a fight.
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If you guys are still on the fence on Optical vs Laser, and want a video about it:
Posted Aug 17, 14 · OP · Last edited Sep 17, 14 by HarvyLee
(whoops, accidentally deleted and edited it. Forgot what was here.)
Posted Aug 18, 14 · OP · Last edited Aug 20, 14 by HarvyLee
Dicerson O>_
I set my sensi to .25 and did that mouse fix thing and acceleration fixes

Ermagherd! My accuracy has improved a shitton XD
What is my life?

I could say alot.

I could write a novel,

or a paragraph.

But instead, I'd much rather write one sentence and leave it at that.

Life is good.
Posted Aug 18, 14 · Last edited Aug 18, 14 by Dicerson
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Went from 1600 DPI to 1250 and .65 sen to .5 and down to .47. I don't have the space on my desktop to swing my arms, but my accuracy has gone up to about 24 from 18-20. I DO do a lot of supressive fire and take shots to scare people as a medic. More importantly, my K.D has skyrocketed from 1 to about 1.6-2.1.
Posted Aug 18, 14
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Dicerson O>_
Also! How do i change my DPI???
What is my life?

I could say alot.

I could write a novel,

or a paragraph.

But instead, I'd much rather write one sentence and leave it at that.

Life is good.
Posted Aug 18, 14
It depends on the mouse you have. Many mouses from the bigger companies have software that allows you to adjust the DPI and allow you to switch DPI using buttons on the mouse.

If your mouse has none of those features, then you are out of luck.

On the bright side, your set DPI should "theoretically" already be native B)
Posted Aug 18, 14 · OP · Last edited Aug 18, 14 by HarvyLee
I have a pretty cheap Amazon mouse with a DPI button and a couple of thumb buttons. It's not amazing for gaming, but it's sufficient, and I've been using the lowest DPI + decreasing sensitivity periodically to good results. The topic of mouse sensitivity for shooters is something that sounds funky until you've tried it. :)
Posted Aug 18, 14
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Made a few edits, and updated Strategy and tactics post.

Check them out and discuss.
Posted Aug 20, 14 · OP
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