Voodoo Shipping Co. Community Rules, Updated January 31st 2019.

  1. VCO is a welcoming inclusive community to all, keep this is mind when representing us and welcoming new members.
  2. Abide by the ToS of all and any service which we use as a community.
  3. Post in the appropriate channels and subforums.
  4. If you have an issue in a specific Game Division, please bring it up with the asigned Lead for that Game Division.
  5. Report any bad behavior to officers through DMs or the forums report feature.
  6. Try to keep all political and religious discussion strictly for appropriate areas, namely the crcip-lwaqatd
  7. Do not ping roles or @ everyone or @ community member unless you have permission from the Community Lead.
  8. Try to Keep your posts and comments Safe for Work. No sexual, violent, graphic, or gory content.
  9. Do not stir up or instigate drama in any way, shape, or form regarding the community or other members.(This does not inclue legitimate critism or complaints submitted properly through the forums)
  10. Listen to Officers. If they tell you to not do something, do not do it or you will face consequences.
  11. Make an effort to be respectful and kind towards others. Harassment, slurs, abuse, hate speech, or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.
  12. Respect the rulings and decisions of the officer corps.

As these rules go into effect the first month will see a 'soft enforcement' period where infractions are less likely to result in strikes as people get used to them. There shouldn't be anything ground breaking here so I'm sure you'll all find this easy to deal with.

There will also be updates coming to the Community Constitution, seeing all higher end functions and rulings collated, unlikely much will change but that'll tell with time.