Hey all,

As you may or may not know, the Star Citizen anniversary sale is going to be going on from Nov. 23 - Dec 4. and there will be a free-flight from Nov. 23-Nov. 30, with a different manufacturer's ships being available each day (you can find the order on their website somewhere, or elsewhere online). You DO NOT need to pay any money to play during this free-flight, just create an RSI account and DL the game (you may have to wait until the 23rd to DL). If you've every had any interest in getting into the game, or own it and want to see how it's doing this would be the best chance to do it.

Since there's different ships available on different days I wont make an event, instead I'm just letting people know that this is happening and I'll be on fairly frequently in the teamspeak that week. If people show interest and want to keep playing after the free-flight is up I'd be happy to restart weekly/bi-weekly ops nights.

If people can't use teamspeak for whatever reason (I really don't accept "don't want to" as an acceptable answer, its free and easy to use) I would consider switching over to discord for all ops and whatnot. Message me if you fit into the category of "teamspeak don't work" and I'll make the thing work.

If you have any questions msg me on steam or discord, or reply to this (which may not get a super fast response, but I'll try)

And lastly, if you aren't already in the VCO SC org, you can join it, just search for VoodooShippingCo (VOODOOCO) and request to join, ill get you in ASAP.

Happy Flying