Community meeting recap:
  • Special OPs Guests - The PS2 Division had a few special OPs over the past couple of months, including PS2 Reunion OPs #2 (PooNanners Edition) and a special Sunday OPs with PlanetSide 2 Developer Drew. I would like to thank everyone for helping out in making both events a great success. PooNanners has continued to join us during our Fridays OPs for his "Friday Night Freedom" Twitch stream, while Drew has shown interest in joining us in other activities in the future. Please support the outfit by participating during OPs more so we can continue to organize more special events.
  • Community Smash #6
  • PlanetSide 2 Server Performance issues - After the Halloween-related patch was released, a lot of players were encountering significant performance or disconnect issues whenever they enter any server. The developers were working tirelessly to identify and correct these problems, which were associated with a big Daybreak Forgelight game engine update according to the recent PS2 Producer's Letter statement. Since rolling back those changes right before Membership Double XP Weekend (October 26th), everything seems to be running smoothly for people now. The "Nanite of the Living Dead" Halloween event and directives have been extended until November 11th!
  • Squad/Platoon leadership stagnation - One of the biggest lingering problems affecting our outfit (and rest of the game) is either leadership burnout or lack of interest in leading squads/platoons. Some of the reasons, such as game and external community issues, are beyond our control. But I wanted to get some feedback from our current members, veterans and leads, on what's currently affecting their ability to lead or play the game. Some of the manageable solutions have been a diversity of responsibilities, attitude, and providing a "fun time" for our members. For my part, I'll continue to talk to other current leadership, identify new potential leads in our roster, and finding ways to make OPs enjoyable for us all. If you have any feedback to give, please throw your comments on this thread, our Discord server, or DM me directly.
  • Ron Paul Rangers (RPR) Academy OPs - RPR Academy Nights has slowly been transforming based on the requests and needs of our members. Lastly, we have been trying to incorporate "battle buddying" aspects to our gameplay to help improve squad cohesion and promote better tactics and general habits to our newer players. Leadership training elements will soon be added to encourage and develop our current and future leads.
  • Operation: 4th Factioners - With the addition of the SolTech (Tokyo) server, we created a new altfit called "Voodoo SolTech Company" [VCOS] on the new server for anyone to join. There's some real growth potential as players start creating (and eventually transferring) character in the SolTech server with little leadership present. LeHiggles will try to lead this efforts for our friends on the other side of the world whenever he's back home in Hong Kong.