I am not here as an official representative of the company. I'm just an engineer, and I am passing this along as a favor to my friends at VCO.

I know many of you are in the job market, or will be at some point soon.  I'd like to pass along an offer. My employer, ReliaQuest, is doing a recruitment drive!

If you send your resume and some basic contact information to me at ncooleyATreliaquestDOTcom I will refer you to our recruitment dept. I can't promise you that this will increase your chances of a hire but I can 100% guarantee your information will get onto the desk of one of our recruiters and there is a very high chance you will at least get an interest call telling you about the positions that fit your qualifications.

These positions are for all people interested in a career in the tech industry who are less than 24 months from graduating (or have already graduated), so feel free to pass along this post to your friends!  Certifications are helpful, but not required! (I, myself, was hired with nothing but a BS in CSC).  We will also consider applicants who have equivalent knowledge and experience or applicable certifications, so there's no harm in applying!

The bulk of our recruiting is for the three positions I will describe below, but we are also hiring for many positions elswhere in the company, from Sales Reps to Software Engineers and Recruiters!

Speaking from experience, as a college graduate who was trying to find his way into this industry, I can tell you this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the field of Cyber Security. So, lets get down to the chocolatey center of this Tootsie Pop!

ReliaQuest is a fast growing company that provides cyber security services to Fortune 1000 companies. The total net worth of our almost 200 customers is measured in the hundreds of billions USD!  We have over 300 employees across three offices.  In the 11 years since RQ was founded we have doubled in size 10 of those years, and we anticipate to continue that trend, with a goal of being a Billion-dollar company by 2020.

We have three company offices: Our headquarters in Tampa, FL, and two satellite offices. A large one (where I work) in Las Vegas, NV; and a smaller one in Dublin, Ireland.  Unfortunately, unless you already have at least a partial citizenship in the Republic of Ireland or the European Union we do not hire expat-status workers.

But wait, there's more! I'm sure you want to hear about the positions...

We have three major types of position, and we are looking for many hires in each of them! The three positions are: Security Analyst, Security Engineer, and Content Developer.  But like I said before, there are many positions in the operations and management side of the company that are available.

All three positions start at a competitive salary, and every 6-9 months all three of these positions go through a promotion evaluation where they get to interview for the next level up of their position, which comes with a 10% raise.  All offerings also include full benefits, (Dental, Vision, Medical, 401k, etc.) and relocation reimbursement. If you want any specific details feel free to DM me! or look at the job listings here:

Current Openings | ReliaQuest

Now, let's hear a little more about the positions individually.

Security AnalystsSecurity Analysts are on the front lines, monitoring customer environments for malicious activity using Security Information Event Management tools. They evaluate and ascertain the threat and escalate write-ups to the customer's security team to be dealt with.
Security EngineersSecurity Engineers provision and maintain those security tools. We (this is my position) work with the customers every day to ensure the health and security of their technology environment.
Content DevelopersContent Developers create the rule-sets that the technology uses to weed out the malicious activity from the billions of events that happen every day in an Enterprise environment.

Again, if you are interested or would like more information, you can email me at ncooleyATreliaquestDOTcom or DM me here or on Discord.