As our guild continues to expand, we believe that there some guidelines should be implemented to improve our organization, cohesion and overall effectiveness as a community. Hence, Panzerhawx has come up with a few guidelines that we hope everyone will follow to, the best of their ability.


1. Ideally, ALL our members should be donating a minimum of 1000 gold per month, which should be very reasonable - running a dungeon or two per month should already get you more than that.

2. The donation is NOT a requirement, but you may be pruned when pruning happens, especially if you've been inactive for an extended period of time and did not notify an officer beforehand. VCO's official policies in other divisions are relatively strict, with a much smaller inactivity window permitted, but as guildmaster I've decided to keep guidelines lax for now - until we hit member cap.

3. You are more than welcome / encouraged to donate more than the 1000 gold minimum, and you will be rewarded accordingly for your contributions (more on this later). For instance, donating 10% of your weekly earnings + being able to craft around 6 traits (or more) would automatically make you eligible for the "Master Crafter" role. The rewards system will be expanded shortly - we're still sorting some stuff out.

4. Besides gold, you are also welcome to donate materials into the guild bank to share, so that anyone who needs these materials can ask either @verygoodmeme , myself (@Panzerhawx), or our resident treasurer @Kal Revestel to help get it out of the bank. After all, we are a community with an emphasis on helping each other out!


If you are a regular or master crafter for VCO and you have crafted gear for guild members, you may request to have your materials reimbursed via this form: