Archived from @MeGeMec's original Discord post.

Some scouting on pvp tactics:

Gank builds: Will try to kill you as quickly as possible if you're the target; using either inner light, expert hunter, revealing flare, detection potion, nightblade mark, or detection poison. During those scenarios, gank builds are squishy but hit hard from stealth, if in group, have one person use one of the aforementioned items and "light them up," or rather put, if they're dk, chain and stun, if templar, potl since they can't return to stealth as easily and begin fucking shit up. Always advised to move as a group of people as opposed to individuals that way there's some help nearby.

Magdps: Will use range for their advantage and use most of the harder hitting skills for single targets and usually drop meteor for their ultimate; make sure not to give them space at all to keep moving around, drain their stamina as quickly as you can and immediately stun them, since they can't break free, they can't shield up, so killing them would be as simple as whailing on them and keep using your stamina drain poisons.

Healers: They will try to stay in the middle of a group since they won't be able to take a hit at all: best way to combat them is fishing them out with chains and immediately killing them since no heals == wipe for a group. Will try to debuff with elemental drain in order to apply magicka steal and allow magdps to get some sustain.(edited)
Tank: They will try to place themselves as a meatbag infront of others to distract and debuff individually picked off targets, if you apply enough pressure on their flanked side, they will buckle since they would be cut off from the rest of the group without heals, but since they can't do much damage, just kiting them from the group would be good enough since they'll be isolated and all the dps have is the healer; if the aforementioned is done, the group survivability becomes lowered

Support Tank: Generally a secondary tank that applies some form of support to a healer or main tank to improve their survability. Best counter would be to isolate them and kill them as quickly as possible; they're not as sturdy as a tank and can't heal as good as a healer, so it's best to knock off some more surviability this way.
Stamdps: Love to run bleed builds, having purge is handy for this and the best way to counter them is by using range tactics. They may have a bow handy and do more damage from afar, but remember, you have more people next to you to help you, so immediately focusing down will provide much more benefit

Bombers: They love to stack onto a group of people and explode to get as many kills as possible, best counter is to block and use some form of detection, similar to gankbuilds, and always keep as much spacing between yourself and your partner. If you see a bomber, you can dispatch them quickly since they're just a flimsy as a gank build

Zerging: People will always run in big groups no matter what, but we as VCO should realize that the only way to win a battle is to flank; typically flanking will allow you to see more people in the group apart from the "better" people up front and the "bad" people in the back, typically people who don't wish to really do much pvp'ing, as much want to do pvd'ing. If you see one person running around a tree like a headless chicken, don't give chase, he will eventually return back to where he started, so just stun them and lock them down to dispatch them; P.S, never chase squirrels, they tend to have a bigger group waiting some ways away and want only around 2-3 people following just to turn and burn