You read right, I'm planning on doing a season 2 for the VCO Anime Opening gig. However, before I can go ahead and start getting things animated, I have to get some things done first. This will be a multi-stage process in which I need your guys' input on in order to make this good (and because I have a project due in a few weeks for my "Applied Technology" course at the university, in which I have to use a personal productivity tool (Google Drive in my case) and write about how it helps us in personal productivity). Here are the following stages that I expect this project will take:

  1. Audio-Visual (A/V) sheet (essentially a two-column script, which has timeframes, audio, and visual descriptions)
  2. Storyboard w/ audio
  3. Gather reference shots from members
  4. Animate and create the anime opening
  5. Upload to the VCO YouTube page, and share to /r/planetside

Right now, I have the A/V sheet completed. Those of you who have been involved with VCO machinimas and short videos before (e.g. Hatsunemiki , CaptainInArms , etc., as well as those who have experience with any sort of video production or planning, I'd like your input on this. The song that I will use for the second anime opening is "Headphone Actor" by [ia], which can be viewed below. Also, if you guys could leave comments on the Google Docs. page for the A/V sheet in regards to what you think works or doesn't work, or any questions you have, I'd appreciate that as well (for the college project mentioned above).