Well guys, we're at that point once again. 2017 has come and gone, and so once again it's time for me to make another thread chronicling the many nightly operations we've had in the past year.

Spoiler: January 14, 2017 **New intro format**Show
Spoiler: May 2, 2017Show
Spoiler: June 13, 2017Show
Spoiler: June 27, 2017Show
Spoiler: July 4, 2017 **Videos now in 1080p (this means better quality).**Show
Spoiler: August 11, 2017 **My first ops. video as an SL; Video Borders Fixed**Show
Spoiler: September 19, 2017 **KoopahKrinClone's PL Ascension**Show
Spoiler: October 3rd, 2017 **TAS Joint Ops**Show
Spoiler: December 29 & 31 **Last Ops. of the Year**Show