Hello everyone! Doomblade3890 here with yet another request for another project (and for those wondering, the VCO Anime Opening is 99% done; I just have to get some music changed out and get it uploaded). This one isn't going to be a "public" project in the sense that this is going on YouTube for the world to see, but rather this is something for a few co-workers of mine. You see, I have this one co-worker who likes to brag about when his vacations are coming up, albeit he does it in a joking kind of way. He does this rather incessently, asking us every hour "Hey, did you know that in X hours I'm on vacation?" Last Summer, I one-upped him by sending him a song when I clocked out for mine, a song that was a parody of "Love Like You" by Rebecca Sugar. This year, I want to do something even better. This year, I want to have backup singers to REALLY stick it to him.

So what do I need from you guys? Anyone who is interested in helping me just needs to have a microphone and some recording software (like Audacity), as well as a way to send audio files to me (such as via Google Drive or Dropbox). I need about three (four if possible) people for this project, so I don't need too many.

What I'll do is, for those interested, send a copy of the lyrics, with the sections I need backup singers for highlighted. I'll also send some audio files with the non-vocal music track along with some placeholder singing to use as reference for timing and such.

From there, this is what I need
  • In Audacity, or whichever audio recording software you have, I need you (you being those volunteering) to record an audio track of you singing along to my voice in the audio clips. I have my singing in there as placeholder for a reference as far as timing goes, since I'll be syncing up all the backup singers' vocals as part of the song. If you do a bad take, just delete the recorded audio track and try again.
  • After your take, try to leave about five to ten seconds of recorded silence. This way, I have a good sample to use for audio cancellation to remove background noise.
  • Mute/silence all other audio tracks EXCEPT for the one you recorded.
  • Save the finished take to an MP3, WAV, OGG, or other common audio file, upload it to a file storage site (like Google Docs, Mediafire, Dropbox, etc.), and send me the link to download said tracks via private messaging over Enjin.
  • Also, please have a section of audio where you state your username and something about yourself in a 3-4 second period. I'd like this for a roll-call kinda deal as the song's background music builds up at first.

If you're interested, or have questions, please leave a comment below, and thank you for your time and consideration!