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DayBreak Planetside 2 bug may cause you to not show as VCO member

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Just so you are aware, there is currently a bug in PS2 (or a database corruption issue - they are not sure which) which makes it look like you are not in an outfit and not part of VCO. Rest assured - you *ARE* still VCO, it just doesn't show you as VCO.
This happened to me today as I was getting in to start a VCO squad.
I logged out of my NC character and logged right back into it and then magically was VCO again, but could only see one other VCO member on-line.
Probably because everyone else was experiencing the same bug and has not relogged into their NC character.
You can try just hopping out of your character and back in to see if it fixes it for you...
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Posted Feb 1, 18 · OP
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Posted Feb 1, 18
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