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General Interest Notice: Private Jaeger Pickup Game

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LDUBU2622 is looking to organize some non-competitive internal pickups on the Jaeger server with the HZD crew. He was wondering if there were any VCO members that wanted to join them. Teams will be mixed up to balance experience. Ideally, we would want to make this a regularly occurring event between our outfits and other friends to play a stress-free game of PS2 (i.e., not relying on NC shitfits on the live server). We are targeting the first inter-outfit pickup to be on Saturday, December 16th in the late afternoon (exact time pending).

Please reply to this thread if you are generally interested in participating in these private Jaeger pickup games. In addition, you can comment if you are able to commit to attending the Dec. 16th pickup game.

I have collected the following members that would like to participate in these pickups (and Dec. 16th game):

  1. WalMartGreeter (Available)
  2. JudokaNC (Available)
  3. Jzpelaez (Available)
  4. KingKoopah (Available)
  5. SevenNights7 (Available)
  6. Shahnewaz (Available)
  7. BILLLLLLLLL (Available)
  8. Dicerson (Tentative)
  9. Stubylegs (Tentative)
  10. LeHiggles (Unavailable)
  11. readybagel (Unavailable)
  12. Stormpaw (Unavailable)
  13. AnnOminous (Unavailable)

As a reminder, you can also invite yourself to the calendar event for the upcoming pickup game:
Posted Dec 8, 17 · OP · Last edited Dec 16, 17
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Couple things I would like to add about this "scrim".

1) It's not a scrim. The overall objective is to work on improvement as an individual and as a group. If you are stuck at a certain KD and want to learn a few things on how to improve, then this is a good place to come. Holding "training" on live doesn't work out very well as the pop will never be even. Your either not going to pull enough pop or be over populated 3 to 1.

2) There is no KD requirements. If you die more than you kill and don't know why then this is the place to come. For example; if you and me 1v1 and I get dunked by you, I can ask you "WTF?!?!? YOU HACKING??!?!" and you can then say "No" and provide feedback on what I can do better.

3) Learn various call outs and work on point holds. If you are unsure of "what door 1"is, or where "door one" is or the difference between a open and closed room, this is a good place to learn these names and practice holding various buildings.

4) Do you constantly stand at the top of stairs exposing your entire body to enemy? Show up and you can learn a few other things about positioning.

5) We will do our best to keep the teams even. Therefore, the squads will more than likely be mixed to do so. Therefore, one side wont be wrecking havoc the entire time. However, it may take a couple matches to get there.

All and all, there will be various people there who have various levels of experience. Between everyone I think we should have plenty of discussion that we can all learn something.

Regardless if you can make the entire event or not feel free to stop by, have some fun, and hopefully learn a few things. I you have any questions or ideas feel free to add them below. This is the first event and I hope to do some more in the future and maybe add a few more outfits or people in the future.

Posted Dec 10, 17
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Interested but not available during December.
Posted Dec 12, 17
Friendly reminder for the cross-outfit Jaeger pickups. We currently have 7 players (maybe 8 if Stuby shows up later) for this Saturday (tomorrow) at 7pm EST. We also have 12 VCO members that are interested in future Jaeger events. Please reply back to this thread if you are interested in future events, even if you can't make it tomorrow.

LDUB and I have reserved a total of 24 Jaeger accounts. We will probably have a few free slots open if anyone else shows up last minute (or even late).
Posted Dec 15, 17 · OP · Last edited Dec 15, 17
Dicerson O>_
I reinstalled planetside yesterday, decided that Ima come back due to a need for more shooter gaems. Ldub and JZ said I should sign up for this, so I shall!

Rar. Ima join if you'll have me
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Posted Dec 16, 17
Come into the Moral Hazard TS Jaeger channel:
to get your user ID for logging in.
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Posted Dec 16, 17
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