Okay folks, so here's the deal. Recently there's been a mild scheduling conflict with Overwatch which has mostly been a small private kind of deal, however that's now due to become the newly revitalised Anime Nights.

So the plan of action from my end is to bump Overwatch forward an hour, running 6pm-8pm EST. There are a few factors in this decision, for one is OJ006 's lack of available time, making the 8pm wednesday slot a pretty valuable one to him, the other is quite simply that most of the wednesday crowd as European and thus working on a much later time zone, so it might prove to make life a little easier for us too.

I plan to test this for 4 nights, a months worth, to see how it pans out, there may also be possible changes coming to the Sunday slot but that's undecided as of yet.

As always, feel free to add any comments or opinions below.