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Steam Sales Watchlist

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Not a game, but the Steam link is on sale for $15/70% off right now, and Is totally worth that. It connects to your HDMI tv and allows you to access your steam library in particular but also everything else on your PC remotely, within the house including non steam games and your desktop and internet and everything. It's got a couple USB ports and has thus far been compatible with every controller I have attempted to plug into it including my wired xbox 360 controller, KB/Mouse, Steam controller, and old wired PS2 gamepad and a couple others. Its particularly useful as a simple low effort way to connect my huge library of music on my PC to the significantly better sound system of my living room home theater speakers. You can order directly via steam or online at http://store.steampowered.com/app/353380/Steam_Link

I wanna say shipping is free but I'm not 100% certain on that, I got mine less than a week after I ordered it
Posted Sep 1, 17
Metro 2033 is currently free for 24 hours. Link to the store page: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/deepsilver/?snr=1_41_4__42.
Seriously, you're getting a free game. There's no reason for you not to do it.

EDIT: I JUST noticed after posting that this was a >1yr necro bump. I'm not sure if we're still being lenient on useful necros or not Stormpaw ; if not, then I apologize for the necro.
EDIT #2: Forgot to mention I posted here because I saw we already had a thread going for this sort of thing and didn't want to clutter the forums with a (soon-to-be) useless one.
Christian and proud.

Posted Oct 26, 18 · Last edited Oct 26, 18
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