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All Leads Critical Guide to Reading the Map

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This guide will help you understand how to "select" good fights. I want everyone to remember that this isn't a fool proof plan, but is a good template to follow when you are leading a group of soldiers, and you aren't sure where to go to have the maximum impact and fun.

1. Prioritize Defense.

When you are redeploying, always prioritize defensive fights over offensive attacks. Generally, defensive fights are easier to win with underpop, allows you to pull vehicles and force multipliers easier, and have natural advantages that allow for easy farms and quick victories. Generally an ideal to fight to go is a fight that when adding your numbers, will result in a 50/50. 50/50's will generally favor defenders, and your squad should try to organize breaks in the enemy line, allowing the blueberries to pour through and end a siege.

2. Attack 1 point bases.

Most multi-point bases are absolutely garbage. They generally are super wide open, leading spawns to be completely exposed, while generally large with shitty logistical options. Wide open terrain means you are easier to abuse by force multipliers and generally large, multi-point bases have heavy tank terminals, which can kill all your sundies and then shell you on a point with ease.

1 point bases are easier because it funnels enemies to one location, allowing you to set up defences appropriately. Also 1 point bases have a good chance of having sundie garages and can even have a few battle busses on point, which allows for you to prepare against larger sieges.

Most 1 point bases are situated in powerhouse buildings or triple stacks. Learn how these buildings operate and set up defenses appropriately.

3. If you have no either options, prioritize attack options --> AMP stations > TechPlants > Biolabs > Towers

If you have absolutely no choice in terms of lattices, always prioritize in the following order: AMP stations > TechPlants > Biolabs > Towers

AMP stations are generally easy to attack, as they are either 1-point inside shields which can be abused by GSD's, or 3 point bases which allow you to cap hard-spawns, which is really nice.

TechPlants are harder because generally you are in a very defensive position with a balcony drop, but you have almost no way of getting reinforcements outside of beacons and direct-deploy sundies. This leaves you very vulnerable as you rely on your cohesion and medics to keep up while the enemy will constantly try to bring armor to deploy underneath the techplant.

Biolabs are almost impossible to take unless it's empty. A populated biolab is a farm, and unless you bring an overwhelming amount of shotgun-maxes to spawn camp them for at least 3- minutes, don't even bother.

Towers are absolutely terrible fights. Avoid them at all costs. Riddled with turrets, a heavy tank terminal, and one of the shortest A-point distance for defenders, tower fights are generally death traps for any zerg stupid enough to attack them. Remember, large instillation get priority on redeploy, so if you are bringing a platoon to the Bastion,, expect a platoon to redeploy just as quickly. The only way to reliably take towers is to flood the A point with shotgun LA's and maxes, and hope that the enemy doesn't get wise and simply break out with nades and maxes.

4. Shitter villages (Player made Bases) are generally low-priority, low-reward fights.

During most OPs nights and platoons, shitter villages are generally not as rewarding as attacking bases. There are some reasons for this.

Shitter villages are generally heavily populated by turrets and sky shields. This makes infantry drops generally suicidal unless you bring an entire platoon. Turrets are easily countered by tanks, but this takes time, and generally alerts the nearby hex of danger, bringing in redeployments. These tank fights generally end poorly for the attacker, because shitter villages are generally situated deep in enemy territory, and it is very difficult to steamroll unless they are on the border.

Shitter villages are mainly easy to destroy with gal drops of maxes and heavies, but because they generally require insane amount of overpop to destroy them, these fights are either over in one drop, or will be nigh impossible. There really is no middle ground.

5. Remember, a bad decision is always better than no decision.

There are no such thing as perfect fights. Some fights will be zergy, some fights will be underpopped. The difference between a good leader and a bad leader is that a good leader will always try something and keep the platoon on the toes, while a bad leader will hesitate, mulling over minute details while the men do literally nothing but sit with a dick up their ass. Even if your only option is the Bastion, 3 biolabs and a Techplant, it is better to throw yourself at different bases rather than sitting at the warpgate doing nothing. Sometimes you need to zerg in order to break hard bases. Sometimes you need to pull 48 maxes in order to take that biolab. Making decisions, failing, and learning from them will ultimately make you the best leader you can.

6. Learn to recognize a bad fight

A "bad" fight is hard to describe. However, there are some symptoms you should recognize. Generally "bad" fights are gut feelings that you will become more and more attuned as you fight.

If you are fighting at your sundie, and you are literally dying the second you spawn, get out, you've lost.

If you are not actively killing or getting killed every 20 seconds, you're in a bad fight. Go somewhere populated.

If you're more than 75% overpopped, either by enemy or friendly, get out you're in a hopeless zerg.

If you cannot even get one sunderer deployed because they get killed as soon as you try to deploy them, you're in a bad fight.

If you drop a base and there is a platoon of maxes waiting for you, you're in the wrong fight.

Generally, if you're getting killed from every direction and half your squad gets killed before you reach the objective, you're in a farm. Get out.

Now understand that some PL's and SL's are simply just bad players and may mistake a bad fight because they are playing poorly, so just because you're underperforming, don't constantly redeploy. Also, try to make at least one effort to change situation (Max crashes, light assault flanks, bringing up alternate spawns), but if those don't work, just leave. You can't lose battles that you don't fight!
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Shit man, you should post this on Reddit.

I'm not even kidding.
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