Members of the Harem, the time of our great move draws near! After we have our Rex, we’ll need to pick where we want to relocate to. We’ll need to consider enough space to build (and suitable terrain), defensibility, accessibility to water & food, accessibility to building materials & consumables, and how likely something bigger than our Rex will spawn.

Personally, I like the snowy mountains. Lots of flat terrain, access to crystal, metal, and even oil rocks, plus we can go penguin clubbin’ for polymer. It’ll be defensible against players with height advantage and the elements. But three concerns are that water could be a problem, the elements will affect us as well until we level for it, and big dinos can spawn there too sometimes. But these problems can all be solved through proper levels and dino friends (we can make pipes for water too).

Other options I've heard interest in include the site of Bill’s last base before the server wipe, the redwood forest, the ruins on the mainland, or someplace else altogether.

What do we think?