Heya Ark fans,

So Gogofatpaya... well, he doesn't check the site terribly often. He hasn't asked me yet, but would someone mind helping out Voodoo Shipping's happy little Ark community? Here's the link to the whole shebang but the short version is that Operation: Breath of Life is an effort to encourage members to increase activity within the game divisions of Vooddoo Shipping Co. As part of this, I've challenged each Game Division Lead to track new membership within their divs as well as document any progress towards a recruitment plan; something to try and get either other members of Voodoo to try the game or get new-to-community members to sign up. I've requested weekly updates to make note of these two things.

I'm asking on behalf of the Ark Division for someone to help keep track of these two points and to post these weekly updates in a special subforum set up for them. Anyone who volunteers will be given the title of Ark Deputy Lead and hold the same community rank as a Game Div lead, will be given access to the Secret Squirrel Room, and shall receive the praises of our happy band of internet peoples.

Is anyone interested?