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Ark Ad

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Hatsunemiki OSupporting!
Welp, this forum needs some life.

It's odd; if we were to measure division success by number of repeat TS members, Ark would be our second most successful division ever but it has the least number of folks using the forums. Not entirely sure if this is a problem or not, just interesting.

Rolana recently came to me with an idea of an ad for the Ark server. With a wee time in photoshop, I but together this storyboard but I wanted to ask what everyone thought of it.




So, what do we think?
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Posted Aug 28, 16 · OP
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cfschris OSupporting!
Haven't ever really played ARK, but the concept sounds kickass!
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Posted Aug 28, 16
I like the idea, however with the new ark DLC (which I object to but wont get into here) I think people are going to be getting used to that for a bit. I would be willing to chip in to help any way I can. Due to the lack of forum usage this is going to be harder to coordinate among the ark players. Also about the lack of forum usage, we are on TS so frequently that any message that needs to be relayed can be done there. Upon a brief glance at the other forums they seem to be used to coordinate stuff, whereas in ark where we are divided into different tribes, posting your plans to take over the world can be a bit daft.
Posted Sep 2, 16
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