Here is all you need to know to set up teamspeak!

To install Teamspeak 3 go to this link

IF you already have a speaker setup (Headphones or otherwise) and a microphone, Teamspeak 3 should automatically detect this and use them. If they don't, then you will still be able to get on teamspeak and use written (Read: Typed) text to ask us for help!

Once installed, just click connections in the top left and enter our Server address:

There is no password, just make sure you put a nickname other than Teamspeakuser in the nickname box before clicking the connect button!

You can doublelick channel names to hop to that channel. Find a channel with some peeps in it and you're good to go!

Setting up your own channel

Want to set up your own channel, eh? No problem! We here at Voodoo Shipping Company are all about freedom of choice! If you wish to create your own channel, simply right-click on the "Other Games" channel (It has a red icon) and select the "Create Sub-Channel" option. Give your channel a name and click OHK! If you want, you can even put in descriptive text in the "Description" box. This box can contain pictures too! Just get a url link to the picture (It should look something like this www.picturesarememes.web/weirdnameyjunk/1123_12_Numbers.jpg Not exactly like this! But if you get a long link with hundreds of numbers thats starts in google bing or otherwise, chances are you got the wrong link!).

Once you got your name and description, just click OHK and you will be automatically moved to your new Channel! If any channels that are created in this way are empty for about 5 seconds, they get deleted.