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SMITE 3.12 Mid season update

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To use smite players this is huge. All others probably don't care.

It would take to long to list everything so I won't, but this is going to have such a huge impact on the meta. Although, that is to be expected from a big mid season update.

Of the most notable to me:
1. Golden bow, I will miss you so. This was my go to for assassins and most of my hunters.
2. Erlang Shin- will be playing in 5-10minutes, I assume he is going to be ridiculously op. Full attack speed builds with that passive and his number one ability will melt people.
3. Creepiest khep skin yet.
4. Thorns-I love them, glad they are back, always used these on my hades (return of the op hades ult + thorns).
Phantom seems aight, used properly will really change the hunter/assassin meta.
5. Scout buff is weak.
6. Ritual dagger and emperor's armor will become staples in the solo lane.
7. Runeforged hammer even more op.
8. Anubis even more op.
9. Guan Yu's new passive is great. When kept track of and used properly, will make him an elite god.
10. NeZha buff that is actually a debuff.
11. Odin buff, because someone thought that was a good idea.

I can't believe someone is actually reading my signature. You rock.
Posted Jul 6, 16 · OP
luxato M
Looks like Healers might be coming back into the meta with the curse nerf. Also Sylvanus will be relevant for late game hunters again.
Posted Jul 6, 16
I think pestilence nerf is needed to bring healers back. Although the nerf to curse does help a bit as far as team fights are concerned. I feel as the healing is still pretty weak out of combat though.
Of note:
12. Arachne web buff is super nice.Not much of a nerf because you can still hit with that wide aoe. Plus it can now be used as an escape if need be.
13. That common hirez problem were they mess up updates and no one can get in game.
I can't believe someone is actually reading my signature. You rock.
Posted Jul 6, 16 · OP
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