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Ark server is boring

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Well hello,

Nice of you to join me here by the fire. I am glad you saw my invitation to join this conversation and have come to join me in delicious dinosaur jerky while we laugh about the good old days! But before we get there...I want to tell you a story. The story is about an amazing land, a distant land. One in which we are all familiar. The land is called "center". A land with characters whose levels are capped at 100, and whose ships look like rafts, as god intended. A land where there are no generic kibble eggs, or castle ramparts. A land of reason, and freedom. A land of liberty, and most importantly...a land of fun and dank memes. If this land sounds too good to true, I assure you it is real. Only a few weeks ago our sturdy server was formatted perfectly. Word spread quickly and people from all around the world came to see it....Sadly though, after only a week of epic gaming; tragedy struck. A charlatan entered our midst and convinced us that mods were good. He promised to "make mods great again." Today my friend, this desolate server of over leveled dunces, over simplified leveling, and overly elaborate hairstyles has come to it's reckoning day. It is time that we make ARK great again. Let's go back to the old days. The good days. When getting shot was something to worry about. A time when running to a new location was a journey! A time when men HAD HONOR. Don't waste your voice friend, let it be heard! Tell the admins "It is time to go back to the old ways. Let's make ARK great again."
Posted May 25, 16 · OP
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cfschris OSupporting!
Paging gogofatplaya (ARK division lead)!
"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in"

- Greek Proverb
Posted May 25, 16
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