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Things people didn't know?!

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So last night while playing Tahm Kench, I brought some knowledge about Tahm's ult. It is called Abyssal Voyage, and recently some people didn't know about something that could be slightly game changing. (A little unsure if it will or won't.) But there is a new thing that was added in Patch 6.4. In 6.4 Riot added something called Last Call to the ultimate. Now last call allows allies to jump into Tahm's mouth as the animation for his Whirlpool is becoming active. Something some peoples didn't know about.

Share with me if there is or was something that you didn't in League and would just like to share with it.
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Posted May 17, 16 · OP
Dicerson O>_
Very rarely happens to me, but I know it has. I'll be making a post here as soon as I come up with something. My subconscious will get right on that! RIFLE THROUGH MEMORY FASTER DAMMIT!
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Posted May 17, 16
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