Since I usually drop J0KE pointholds spam threads on the forums and people usually see how that looks like and operates.

I figure today I post other outfits doing point-holds for those that want to see how it's done by other outfits. I thought I do this since it's better for VCO SS squad to learn from all types of point-holders other then J0KE. Everyone does it differently. Some are more serious like J0KE while others are a bit more casual in comms but it makes their squads effective in other ways. For today's purpose. I thought I post GOKU. I know alot of people give them shit for pulling maxes but it's how you win the game if your a zerg-fit but even sometimes they can point-hold pretty well to. I'll be posting some from BAX, AC, and more later on. Ideally; the level of competence you guys want to aim for is whatever makes you feel comfortable. Hopefully this stuff helps.