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Unnecessary Startup process installed after installing Smite

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Hey ya'll, this is just an FYI post for anyone else who has installed the game.

I had noticed my computer started up slower than usual today, so I decided to look into what could be causing it. There were a few processes that I needed to cull that had some how reenabled themselves (they were the main culprit), but I noticed one new item that raised my eyebrow.

THere's an executable thats gets set as a startup item on windows after you install any game from Hi-Rez Studios, called HiPatchService.exe.
Takes up ~50 MB of your memory but doesn't hog much CPU (that I noticed)

I looked into it, and its nothing bad, its just an auto-patcher/downloader for Hi-Rez's games, like Tribes and Smite, that helps update it faster and in the background. I found it was an unnecessary process to have go off when you log in (it starts even if you aren't playing the game), and it seems to start up again after you open the game.

Since I spotted it, I felt I should point it out to anyone else who may see it and want to know why its there or trim their startup programs down.
AS you can see, I am terrible at this thing.
Posted Jan 4, 16 · OP
I think you can set it up to not start on the computers start up not sure I remember how though XD
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Posted Jan 5, 16
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