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Friday Night League Training (Overview, Course levels with descriptions, Q&A, and Signups)

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Ladies and gentlemen, current and future Summoners of VCO,

I am announcing that starting this Friday, every second and fourth Fridays of the month are going to be training nights. Each night we're going to cover parts of League in a fashion similar to a college course (some lecture time, then a lab, break time, more lecture, another lab, and then an overview and H.W. assignment). I do want to point out that this will run in the time frame and structure like a semester would; so you'll need to sign up (here), do your best to show up for the time period that we are training, and fulfill the work needed to improve yourself. Anyone is welcome to come and join us; in fact, the best time to join us would be at the start of the Basic course to get a better, more structured, and comprehensive explanation of key things that are the foundation of all other aspects of the game. I will note that it's best to do what you can to keep up with everyone, as it can give you a possible team to pursue either testing out comps or even go into Ranked play.

Now, time for the explanation of the courses:

Basic level - League 101 (The Foundation)

This course will cover core aspects that every LoL player should know like the back of their hand. Topics being covered ; in-and-out of game mechanics, last hitting, knowledge and awareness of the map, basic overview of stats, roles, terminology and developing player skill.

Intermediate level - League 201 (The Framework)

This course will focus on the finer aspects of individual/partner skills and matchups (A.K.A. Solo/Duo lanes). Topics being covered; advanced individual skill and play style, lane matchups, champion item builds with variations, and basic map and team play (role specific).

Advanced level - League (The Ever-Finishing Product)

This Eternal Graduate course will constantly study all concepts of map and team play, compositions, positioning for fights, building team items (and who builds them), along with many other things that will come up in time.

There are a few things I want to say to wrap this up. First things first, schedule. I know that everyone has something on their docket at any point in time, tis a given thing in life. If for any reason you can't meet up on the appointed Fridays to attend training, PLEASE let Durse or I know so that we can work out when your training can take place. Second, I NEED EVERYONE to keep calm and collected though all of this. This is not supposed to be a dick (or bust) measuring contest, nor is it a chance to bash people; this is to be an opportunity to either experience a new game, improve skills and understanding of the game, or get to know others in VCO. Lastly, with the nature of MOBAs as it they are, I want everyone to come into this knowing that this is NOT a one man or woman show. This is a team game; and as such, the proper mind set should be of a good VCO PS2 Squad: Filling in for what is needed on your team, watching each other's backs, and playing as a team. If you have a question, go ahead and ask it below. Also, if you are signing up and you're new to the game, toss down your Summoner name (the name that you'll be seeing in-game) and we'll help you get squared away.

See you all on Friday on the Rift!
VCO'S Resisident Head Summoner and fookin' McSwaggens.
Posted Nov 12, 15 · OP
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Question: Did you expect preseason 6 would put a dent on what you originally had planned? Or did you adjust on the fly?
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Posted Nov 12, 15
Dicerson O>_
None of the outline course is significantly affected by the Preseason. The only big changes are that of general strategy, which is what is meant by The Ever-Finishing Product course in which all LoL players eventually reside.
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Posted Nov 12, 15
I was worried about when the preseason stuff would come in, but it came in before Basic started up.

Anyways, tomorrow is Week 2 of Basic; if anyone needs a review or catch up on what they missed, reply here, PM me, or poke me on TS (usually in the AFK Channel during the day cause $work$)
VCO'S Resisident Head Summoner and fookin' McSwaggens.
Posted Nov 27, 15 · OP · Last edited Nov 27, 15 by Kiatora
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