RPR is a specialized infantry experience within VCO. There are no members other than the leadership, and squads and practice sessions are open to everyone. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can join in on these squads and practices, and at least one session is required if you are planning on becoming a VCO squad lead.

RPR represents the ideal VCO. with organization, cohesion, and tactical play emphasized above all else. These squads are 100% goal oriented, and each action you take will be towards an objective. With minimal downtime and quick redeploys, missions are completed in succession, resulting in fast paced gameplay aiming to bring the most out of each member of the squad. Along side a full VCO platoon, the RPR squad changes the tide of battle when ever it is present, representing a new angle on every situation that the enemy is rarely prepared to counter.

What you can expect in an RPR squad:

  • Fast and mobile gameplay. You'll be pressing your redeploy key a lot, and you'll get used to making aerial drops.
  • A cohesive squad experience. You'll be within 10m of the squad lead at all times. If you die, there's going to be a medic there to revive you.
  • A squad 100% ready to tackle the objective. RPR has strict class requirements, and you will become familiar with the most important classes in this game.
  • You will become familiar with the best tool for each problem. RPR is not restricted to infantry, and some of our most effective operations take place in vehicles.
  • Rarely will you not be the defining factor in a base capture or defense.
  • You will learn how to work as a team, the value of being in the right place, and how reliable your teammates can actually be.
  • You will be fully utilized, regardless of your battle rank or how many certs you've spent.

RPR is not for:

  • Those who can only play one class.
  • Those who choose directives over objectives.
  • Non-team players.

RPR will run each ops night, so long as there are enough people interested and an RPR leader willing. Look for my Delta squad and ask your Platoon Lead to be moved to my squad. In addition, there will be solo RPR practice sessions each Saturday during the normal ops time.

Promotions Department Notice

The following RPR sessions are to be the primary times in which prospective new squad leaders may fulfill their one RPR session requirement:

  • Tuesdays during Ops (2000-2200 ET) w/ cfschris
  • Sundays during Ops (2000-2200 ET) w/ AlbiePC

If your schedule conflicts with either of these times, message cfschris to set up a time in which you can fulfill your requirement.

These are not required, but are useful additions to every RPR squad:

  • NC15 Phoenix
  • A remote repair or blockade Sunderer.
  • GD-22S (unless you're good with the Gauss Saw)
  • C4
  • Maxed out medic tool or repair tool.