o YOU want togo on a 7-hour foot patrol and report tin cans you find? Then we've got the game for you!

CaptainInArms rented a server, which means we've got ARMA Nights back! Come around Thursday afternoons for the greatest mil-sim to ever get Zeused by VCO's special forces - VERY "special" forces.

And if all goes well, be on the lookout for MODDED missions and campaigns, including USA v China, WW2, and Halo scenarios!

Spartan117o M this sounds like i'm going to be shot by friends than foes

LOTS of exciting developments to discuss for the Summer! As usual all are welcome, and Officers are strongly welcome.

Heya sexy playas, you've been working hard on your job, exams, life, etc. You deserve a night or two of friends, drinks, and glorious ultra-violence! One-off games nights have been planned this month for some fave titles and a few to try; StarCraft, Guns of Icarus, Chivalry, and more. Check out the Events Calendar for more detail!

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