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Anyone interested in playing The Elder Scrolls Online?

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LeHiggles MSupporting!

I've been playing The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO/ESO) with a couple of mates lately. It's a high fantasy-themed MMORPG, so you can expect to see material along the lines of games such as World of Warcraft, although ESO is a much newer product in that regard. It's mostly PvE, with a bit of PvP on the side, if you desire to spill the blood of enemy mans rather than that of AI-directed monsters.

VCO Guild?

That being said, I'm considering the prospect of starting a guild for Voodoo Company in ESO. As such, I'm wondering if anyone here is already playing the game, or would otherwise be interested in trying it out. For reference, it's 20 dollars on Steam. Essentially, I'd first like to gauge our community's interest in the prospect of such a guild.

What's in it for VCO?

The goal is to eventually grow said guild into a active, self-sustaining, and decently-sized community. In doing so, we would introduce a new source of recruits for VCO, some of whom might be interested in the other games we play. This would bolster our numbers and make for a more active community overall.

What will we be doing?

Regular guild activities will likely include bi- or tri-weekly dungeon runs (4 persons per group) as a staple. Raids (called Trials in ESO) will become feasible once we have enough active members in the community for that (12 persons per group). Further down the line, we could even consider running PvP squads/platoons in the dedicated PvP areas.

So what's the point of this post?

For now, this post is strictly for the sake of gauging interest, for the possibility of a VCO guild for The Elder Scrolls Online. I will formally submit an application for a new division at a later date.
Posted Jan 20, 18 · OP · Last edited Jan 20, 18 by LeHiggles
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Honestly a great idea. I've been playing a lot of ESO myself lately, and it would definitely be fun to run with VCO for it.

I guess we'd be playing Daggerfall Covenant, since it's the closest thing to the NC for pvp :laugh:
Posted Jan 20, 18
Dicerson O>_
I have it cuz a friend of mine got it for me, but then he and my other friends stopped playing. I'll play as long as I got peeps to play with, because running solo is boring as fuck.
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Posted Jan 20, 18
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